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    CDEW @ Community

    As a grassroots organization, we will bring to you insights derived from our various community engagements. As a first step we designed and conducted a Study on ‘Employability Challenges faced by Youth’ entering the work space.

    In our inaugural issue, we are pleased to share that over 100 youth across three continents and ten countries participated in our study to assess ‘Youth Employability Challenges’ to share their personal insights and experiences from their workplaces.
    CDEW would like to thank these youngsters as we believe their heartfelt experiences will resonate and encourage many others who read this from across the world. Please watch this space as we will soon start sharing findings and insights from this amazing research initiative.



    Here we pose some thought provoking questions to our community base and will share their candid responses directly with all of you.If you have an interesting question that you’d like us to work on, please feel free to let us know here Contact us


    “When colleagues become our friends and not some competitors to fight for positions, I think that is a blessing. Happiness grows as we work together and get along well with each other, making the work life to the fullest and excitement.”

    Ban Li Shan
    Singapore, Nutritionist/dietitian

    “I believe the greatest source of joy is having a sense of purpose. Examples of this could be working on your calling, feeling that you make a difference in the world or your community, and/or having a clear, larger objective to work towards.”

    Wen Hsu Chen
    Costa Rica, Profession: freelance illustrator/architect
    Jessica Chu

    “In my opinion the greatest source of joy at any workplace is where I feel like I belong to a family, and where there is trust and respect.”

    Jessica Chu
    Canada, HR Professional

    “A workplace, specially the first one after college is particularly intimidating. Unknown people, unknown environment, unknown expectations. The two things which give you comfort and joy, in my opinion are one, the first kindly person who offers to show you your desk and the cafeteria and everything you need. Your first friend or mentor. Two, finding your own niche, one activity at work, which you love doing. Could be editing a newsletter, partaking the CSR activities and or hosting work events. One thing close to the heart, which ties together your work world and the world beyond.”

    Sharoni Goswami
    India, Assistant Manager,Business Consulting and Analytics

    “The greatest source of joy at a workplace is the ability to create value for the organisation, the economy and/or the country, while doing meaningful work that is perfectly aligned to one's abilities and interests.”

    Ishani Mehta
    India, Independent consultant in public policy